Friday, March 21, 2008

Occassional comics

I feel it's worth mentioning that because my internet presence is so insatiably prodigious, I find myself in possession of not only a blog, but a livejournal site as well. Fortunately, I keep it on a short leash, and therefore have relegated it to the domain of comics. So if you feel inclined to bask in my online persona for the better part of the day (which is always advisable), my livejournal address is as follows:

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


So yes, I too have a merit show on display. It's way way up on the fourth floor
, by the bathrooms at the south end of the hall. (I know what you're thinking, "The fourth floor is only WAY up. Not WAY WAY up." To that I say, "if you think that then you're on the wrong floor." And you can take that to the bank)
In the process of hanging up the show, however, I realized how nice it is to have such easy access to my work. It's all right there, up on a wall where I can see it, or in a book that I can simply thumb through. It's such a nice change from fumbling through all of my Bristol board to get to something. I even find looking at it on a computer to be cumbersome, but up on a wall or all together in a book is so...simple. So I think when I get a house of my own, I'll have to hang all of my work up on the walls, not out of egotism, but out of sheer convenience.

Friday, March 14, 2008


So, the Smash Bros. series have got to be some of my favorite games. I could play them until my eyes fall out of my skull, which I really hope they don't, because I CAN'T STAND THINGS HAPPENING TO PEOPLE'S EYES.
So anyway, like everyone else on the face of the earth, I was very excited for the release of Brawl, and acquired it as soon as I was able. IT'S SO FUCKIN' COOL! I can't wait to unlock everything! Sweet.
In terms of characters, I've been floating around a bit with my usage. Obviously there's something good to be had in every character, but so far some of my favorites include Pit, Kirby, Falco, Marth, Lucas, and Ike. At the moment, I think Ike is my numba' one guy, despite how cheap everyone thinks he is. He's slow. Really slow. But if you can get the timing down on his moves he's pretty terrific. Um, I guess I'm done being nerdy. I guess.

Sunday, March 2, 2008


So last night, Max, Zach, Vicky and I decided to fulfill our life-long dream of eating buffalo wings, so we took a quick 40 minute jaunt to way the hell north Minneapolis where the legendary "Buffalo Wild Wings" was situated (it took 40 minutes because we kept getting the directions wrong). And what were we to find aside from our coveted buffalo meat? A horrifying and cavernous sports bar where all of the cars were double parked and everyone wore a letterman's jacket. We had arrived.
To our dismay, there was a two hour wait for a table because there was a UFC fight on that night and the place was packed. For those of you who are unaware, UFC is basically a mixed martial arts tournament, often called "Pride fighting," and it can commonly be viewed on Spike TV. But I digress.
Instead of waiting two hours for a table, wading through a sea of people and suffering under the ever-oppressive din of big screen TVs and sports commentary, we decided to get it to go. While waiting for our wings, we amused ourselves with the photo wall behind us. It was a wall covered in polaroids of people who had attempted to eat a basket of "Blazin' Buffalo Wings" in under 58 seconds (the current record). The contenders had written their name on their pictures, but sometimes they would include something inspirational--like the famous line "Get her done," a phrase coined by Larry the Cable Guy. I'm sad to say that this phrase appeared more than once.
When our food was ready we hightailed it out of there and made it back to MCAD, where we proceeded to eat and watch some Daria. Our foray into this unknown and mystical land will not be forgotten. Our memories will continue to be filled with its whimsy and wonder.

Also, the wings were pretty good.